STENAPA starts Iguana Guardian Programme

STENAPA is implementing an Iguana Guardian Programme to combat the spread of invasive Green Iguana’s on Statia. STENAPA Iguana Guardians will help in search and remove expeditions to find invasive Green Iguanas and cross breeds.

The International Reptile Conservation Foundation has developed an easy read booklet for STENAPA called ‘How to Tell the Difference Between Statia’s Iguana and the invasive Green Iguana’. This is the handbook for everyone on Statia to become an Iguana Guardian with STENAPA.

“You don’t have to be an expert to protect Statia’s local iguana. This booklet has all the information you need to help STENAPA protect Statia’s local iguana” says the Education and Outreach Officer at STENAPA, Hannah Fairley.

You can become a guardian by keeping an eye on your yard regularly, but you are also welcome to work side by side with our National Parks ranger Jobo. Jobo patrols several times per week, also in the evening, in specific areas where the invasive iguana and cross breads are seen: for example Big Stone, Princes, Road to English Quarter. By patrolling with our ranger you do valuable work to protect Statia’s local iguana and promote nature on Statia.

Sign up to be a STENAPA Iguana Guardian and receive a booklet outside the Windward Island Bank on the 26th between 11am and 1pm, or drop by any time in the office at Gallows Bay. Alternatively contact STENAPA on 318 2884 or email [email protected]. Become an Iguana Guardian, get your booklet and stay in the know!

Photo: Jobo, our national park ranger who is the primary staff member working with the iguanas at STENAPA. He is the staff member who organizes search and remove expeditions, monitoring and beading of iguanas and liaises with other researchers.

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