IRCF meets all IRS and California State tax-reporting requirements for a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) corporation. A copy of our tax-exempt status letter can be obtained by contacting IRCF.

IRCF prides itself on being fiscally responsible with all generated income. Each year we fulfill our commitment to ensure those donations and generated income is applied to benefit conservation programs and not spent on unrelated expenses. Our administrative expenses have remained at 8%, thereby allowing $.92 of each dollar to be directly applied to actual project costs. IRCF support is applied where it is most effective and operates under a policy of accountability to its donors.

The projects supported by the IRCF understand that we expect accountability for all funding that they receive, so that we in turn can be directly accountable to our donors. The IRCF has a proven track record of being extremely cost conscious and fiscally responsible while maintaining aggressive project goals.

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