Mission Statement

The IRCF is an organization that pursues the conservation of reptiles, amphibians, the natural habitat and ecosystems that support them.

NonProfit: The IRCF is a 501 (c)(3) not-for-profit organization. All donations are tax deductible in the USA. Further, the Foundation serves as a conduit and facilitates donations and grants to programs which themselves are unable to offer U.S. tax deductions. IRCF support is applied where it is most effective and operates under a policy of accountability to its donors.


IRCF helps support conservation, awareness, and educational efforts.


The Directors are responsible for governing and setting policy for IRCF. All IRCF Board members serve five-year terms, without pay.

Board Members

  • John Binns, CEO, President
  • Sandra Binns, Vice President
  • Juliann Sweet, Director, Special Projects


  • Brad Lock, Director, Guatemalan Programs
  • Chris Pellecchia, Special Projects
  • Tri Luu, Information Analyst

IRCF Journal Editors

  • Robert Powel, Editor in Chief
  • AJ Gutman, Editor
  • Michael Ripca, Art Director
  • Gad Perry, Associate Editor

Editorial Board

  • Allison Alberts, Zoological Society of San Diego
  • Frederic J. Burton, Blue Iguana Recovery Programme
  • Arthur C. Echternacht, University of Tennessee
  • L. Lee Grismer, La Sierra University
  • Robert W. Henderson, Milwaukee Public Museum
  • John B. Iverson, Earlham College
  • Charles R. Knapp, Zoological Society of San Diego
  • Gunther Kohler, Senckenberg Museum of Natural History
  • Kenneth L. Krysko, Florida State Museum of Natural History
  • Jan Ramer, Indianapolis Zoo
  • Thomas Wiewandt, Wild Horizons

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