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The IRCF is pleased to announce its support for Zootropic’s Project Abronia to protect the severely endangered Arboreal Alligator Lizards (Abronia spp.) of Guatemala’s cloud forests. These tiny, secretive lizards are threatened by habitat destruction and degradation as well as illegal collection for the international pet trade.

Project Abronia combines field research with habitat protection and restoration, captive breeding, and a comprehensive program of environmental education within the natural range of each species in order to help preserve these unique animals.

Project Abronia is in immediate need of radio-tracking equipment, captive breeding supplies, and financial support for its educational program.

Tracking equipment: radio receivers, specialized transmitters, antennas, cables, camera, and binoculars.
Captive Breeding supplies: Cages for Abronia, Misting system, Husbandry supplies.

Educational Program: The educational program will present to over 10,000 students in the coming year at local schools throughout Guatemala. Funds are needed for transportation costs, presenter, educational supplies, t-shirts, and sound equipment.

As part of our expanding conservation efforts in Guatemala that are saving species through land purchase, education, and support from local communities, Project Abronia needs our support. We encourage everyone to consider making a small donation to help make this project as successful as Project Heloderma and Project Palearis.

To date, Project Abronia has developed measures for the conservation of four endemic Guatemalan Arboreal Alligator Lizard species: Abronia campbelli, A. frosti, A. fimbriata and A. meledona. Until recently, two species (A. campbelli and A. frosti) were thought to be extinct. Work often begins with workshops within the communities that make up Abronia habitat. Local people often know where the animals can be found and what threatens their habitat and every effort is made to engage them in the conservation process to ensure long-term success of any planned measures.