IMPORTANT: DO NOT UPLOAD SINGLE FILES. Your photos, information text and permission to use your photos MUST be zipped together before uploading.

The information text file must contain the following: your name, contact information, a description of each photo by filename that includes (where possible) the age, sex, and any other descriptive information about the iguana. A permission statement (required) “I am the author of the photo(s) contained in the upload package. The IRCF has my permission to use the photos for publication in associated with identification of Green Iguanas and Iguana delicatissima. Your name”.

The maximum zipped file size per upload is 330MBs. If your zip file size exceeds the limit make multiple zip files.


We need photos of all age groups for both the Green Iguana and Iguana delicatissima.
Identification Documents: we particularly need photos of hatchlings, juveniles and sub-adults.
Poster Iguanas Photos: we need (both species) in various poses (all age groups) such as walking, climbing, basking, turning, etc.

Note 1: Examples of adult invasive Green Iguana coloration are shown at the right. Hatchlings and juveniles are bright green for both species. Submissions for sub-adults and adults should be in the color range of the two images shown. Photos of Green Iguanas that are Orange, Yellow, Red can not be used in this identification effort.

Note 2: Photo size, resolution and edited: Submissions should be a copy of the original image produced by the camera. In other words, large and at the highest resolution. Photos may be edited for quality but should be saved without size reduction. Exception: for DSLR or cameras that are capable of producing very large images and file sizes, reducing the size of the image is fine as long as the pixel length is greater than 3,400 pixels per inch. For Point & Shoot cameras we recommend the photos are submitted without editing or re-sizing. All photo submissions used will be edited and processed in advance of publication.

If you are taking photos for this submission:

  1. Full iguana views: Front, Right Side, Left Side, Top-Down, and Rear.
  2. Full head views: Front, Right Side, Left Side and Top Down.
  3. Please use a neutral background such as a white sheet if possible this will reduce photo editing of background removal.
  4. Resolution of the photo should be the highest.
  5. When photographing the frame should only include the iguana (minimize subject matter beyond that).
  6. For head shot include the dewlap and crest and a portion of the upper front legs.
  7. Submission format is jpeg with quality set to 12 (high).
  8. Photo filenames MUST be unique per each iguana. Example: Green-1_top.jpg, Green-1_Right.jpg, etc. For the second Green: Green-2_top.jpg etc, …

If you are submitting photos you’ve taken previously:
Please use the guidelines above in selecting and preparing images for submissions.

Delicatissima Image Upload

Green Iguana Image Upload


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